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The Noble Private Institute offers a a two-year study awarding graduates a Diploma Certificate from one of its nine departments. These scientific departments offer the study of the most essential and most required subjects in the study fields offered. The aim is to empower the graduates with the fundamental background as well as real-life practical knowledge to prepare them to meet the requirements and demands of the current jobs market.  Located in the City of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Iraq, the institute was established in 2014 as Hawler Petroleum Institute. In 2017 the institute expanded and became as Noble Technical Institute. The Institute has a modern study environment comprised of modern class setups equipped with multimedia facilities. In addition it has specialized labs and workshops for each department. More than dozen labs are available and equipped with modern apparatus that are required to carry out the subjects’ relevant practical and experimental part.


Drilling Technology is considered as the backbone of petroleum industry in the world. Petroleum industry first starts with exploration for hydrocarbon and then Drilling after that production and refining of oil and gas begins. That’s why it is very important to educate students on how oil and gas exploration and drilling work through special department called Drilling Technology. After completing the study, students will be awarded a Diploma Certificate in Drilling Technology that enables them work in the oil and gas sector industry. [Read More..]

The department activity focuses on development of processes for petroleum refining, petrochemicals and petroleum products, mainly of practical character. The study covers practical subjects such as application assistance to refineries in selection, adoption of technologies and optimization of their unit operations, and evaluation of crude and petroleum products. It also covers studies related to processes including scale-up, design, optimization, improvement and revamping. The department offers a Diploma Certificate in Refining Technology after completing two years of full-time study. [Read More..]

The Department of Surveying teaches the concept and techniques used in measurements and map making utilizing mathematics, technologies, and equipment. Surveyors play an important role in land development, from the planning and design of land subdivision to the final construction of roads, dams, buildings, and landscaping. Surveyors are the first people on any construction site. The department offers a Diploma Certificate in Surveying after completing two years of full-time study.. [Read More ..]

Our mission is to offer high-quality Accounting educational programs that are relevant to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students. The Department of Accounting recognizes its role in society by assisting students as they prepare for successful careers in the accounting profession. This Department also strives to advance accounting education and knowledge through basic, theory and applied research using Accounting Soft-ware Packages (Peach-Tree and Omega) in addition to Excel Balance Sheets, and other activities to promote valuable associations with business and professional communities.The department offers a Diploma Certificate in Accounting after completing two years of full-time study. [Read More..]

The objective of the department is to prepare specialized, middle, and scientific staffs in administration sciences targeting companies and foundations in both private and public sectors. Students study the latest in administration sciences, computer applications, quantity sciences, economics, legal, and Businesses. The department offers a Diploma Certificate in Business Management  after completing two years of full-time study.. [Read More..]

The IT department activity focuses on the training and preparation IT specialists for today’s market. Students learn the basics of computing covering main subjects such as programming, computer networks, web design, security, databases and operating systems. To strengthen their knowledge a project will be carried out in the form of practical work before graduation. The department offers a Diploma Certificate in Information Technology after completing two years of full-time study. [Read More..]

The English Department in Noble Private Institute focuses on the Learning English Language in General, including the language skills such as, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Also, it offers studying the language areas of Vocabulary, grammar and culture of the target language. The goal of this department is to give diploma certification during the academic studying of two years to the local and foreign students in English language, which is supported by the ministry of higher education of Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq. The post graduate students of this department are able to apply for the vacancies of teaching English to the primary schools, working as translator and Interpreter in the local and foreign companies and organizations. [Read More..]

Newly established department (2017/2018). Description will be added soon.

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing drugs. It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.
Pharmacy department was established in 2017 aiming to prepare pharmacy technicians that would fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Health.
After completing a full-time study of two academic years, the department awards a Diploma Certificate in Pharmacy. Student will learn about medicine and medication manufactured, packaged, transferred, distributed and dispensed in pharmacies. They will be able to distinguish types of medication (types of dosage, form ), and also be able to prepare prescribed medication required by physicians. [Read More..]


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