Drilling Technology Department

Head of Drilling Department

Mrs. Nashmeel Muheddin


Welcome to Drilling Technology Department page. This department is one of the unique department in Kurdistan region that offers Diploma in Drilling Technology and it is one of the most important specialty in petroleum industry. Meanwhile the department is considered as the scientific back bone of Noble Technical Institute, since, it is opened with the establishment of the institute in 2014.
Drilling Technology department has excellent laboratories with state of art technology where students can practically work and learn how oil and gas well drilling process works. The department also has best lectures with decades of practical industry and teaching experience.

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Drilling Department Faculty

Hiwa J. Kareem

هیوا جلال كریم

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering
Hasan M. Saeed

حسن ميسر سعيد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Applied Geology
Nashmil Mihyaddin

نشمیل محی الدین

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mechatronics Engineering
Sazan Mohammed Ali

سازان محمد علي

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Dams and Water Resources
Shorsh Mohammed

شورش محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Dr. Sara Rashid

د. ساره رشيد

Lecturer Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering
Mustafa M. Mohammed

مصطفى م. محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Information Technology
Mohammed Ali Ahmed

محمد علي احمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Applied Geophysics
Ahmed R. Bajelan

احمد رفیق باجەلان

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Petroleum Engineering
Shukur M. Saleh

شوكر محمد سالح

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Marwan T. Hasan

مروان طارق حسن

Lecturer M.Sc