Refining Department

Head of Refining Department

Mr. Hasan M. Saeed

Today, we are in the process of advancing the scientific and statistical progress of our institute – Nobel Technical Institute – with a combined effort among the years of experiences within the scientific administrations (deanship, administration, and head of department) applied to a class of our community has capacity to become a shined source of in the world of oil industries, That is you – our beloved and recognizable students –

Dear students… You are the source of our strength and the degrees of our scientific progresses and the source of our radiance in everything that is new and modern within your studies. My Advices to you as you accustomed from me are the following tips:-
1- Working on the exploitation of your daily time and not to lose any minute almost become a station of remorse and loss of any information within your study.
2- Looking forward and not only a preliminary study and short-term ambition, but on the contrary.
3- Exploiting your Virtual and potential energies and harnessing them to serve yourselves, your people and your community in what is my name from its oppression and loss.
4- Communicate with the abroad by your competence and follow up what is new in your field of petroleum industries in particular and other specialties in general.
5- Keep yourself away from the idea (I am educated!!!) to kill your ambition or stop your career. But you have to develop and work on the idea of (I am cultured) to let you be recognizable in most of branches in a scientific life and the academic process and administrative as well.
6- Use of available technology and work on applied studies to avoid the loss of the most important elements of our life (time, money, physical health and intellectual safety)
7- Continuing training for your personality alongside your knowledge and work on reading books, educational articles and refining your personality towards most of life horizons.
Dear students, my warm sincerest respecting and regards for you , I do hope to realize that my presence with you today is only to achieve a scientific and academic advancement during my experience in the march of mature science and hard work for you my dear students.

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Refining Department Faculty

Hiwa J. Kareem

هیوا جلال كریم

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering
Hasan M. Saeed

حسن ميسر سعيد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Applied Geology
Nashmil Mihyaddin

نشمیل محی الدین

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mechatronics Engineering
Sazan Mohammed Ali

سازان محمد علي

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Dams and Water Resources
Shorsh Mohammed

شورش محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Dr. Sara Rashid

د. ساره رشيد

Lecturer Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering
Dr. Rebwar O. Hassan

د. رێبوار عمر حسن

Asst. Prof Ph.D.
Mustafa M. Mohammed

مصطفى م. محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Information Technology
Farzand K. Ahmed

فرزند كمال أحمد

Lecturer M.Sc
Geotechnical Engineering
Shukur M. Saleh

شوكر محمد سالح

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Marwan T. Hasan

مروان طارق حسن

Lecturer M.Sc