Accounting Department

Head of Accounting Department

Mrs. Shatha Fawzi Mahmood

Accounting is the language of business, as it is an information system that communicates financial information to beneficiaries in the form of financial reports in a standard and systematic manner, so that it becomes meaningful and useful for the purpose of making the appropriate decision.

Financial information is important to follow the progress of managers in particular and society in general. So, without financial information, managers cannot assess whether or not the facility good, whether if they were marketing managers, financial managers or production managers. The manager needs to know if the cash is flow or available, and what is the cost of production, what is the cost of paid salaries, what are the most profitable productivity, what is the expected income from sales.

Without financial information, creditors, lenders and investors cannot determine the entity’s ability to continue and settle obligations or the ability of an entity to make profits, How to compare the facility in terms of size and profit with competitors. Economic planners are also interested in financial information for economic, income, product and national planning.

There is no doubt that we need to know how to read financial information in the form of financial reports in order to make good business decisions. Many accountants are keen to design and introduce their own computer systems in the application of accounting information systems. At present, accounting consulting through electronic trading (e-commerce)   has become one of the largest growing fields for accounting firms. That is why the knowledge of accounting has become required in every field and work.

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Accounting Department Faculty

Shatha Fawzi Mahmood

شذى فوزي محمود

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Emad A. Mohammad

عماد عزيز محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Dr. Subhi M. Salih

د. صبحي م. صالح

Asst. Prof Ph.D.
Rebin Farzand Kamal

رێبین فرزند کمال

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Rebin T. Rashid

رێبین طیب رشید

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mustafa M. Mohammed

مصطفى م. محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Information Technology
Shahla A. Hamad

شهلە عبدالواحد حمد

Lecturer M.Sc
Kewan S. Tawfik

کیوان سالم توفیق

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Payman I. Ahmed

پەیمان ابراهیم احمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Shukur M. Saleh

شوكر محمد سالح

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Marwan T. Hasan

مروان طارق حسن

Lecturer M.Sc