Pharmacy Department

Head of Pharmacy Department

Mr. Nather Jameel Yaseen

We can say that pharmacy is the major class among the health departments, because it includes the direct relationship between human and chemical materials. For example, pharmaceutics subject, which includes prescription contents, identification of all dosage forms, preparing some dosage forms and calculating dose for children, young and elderly are all needed tasks in daily works in pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. Thus, it’s very important that the students learn to work carefully. Students must be aware about the importance of their attendance to classes since these classes will cover the explanations and translations of all contents of the lecture. In addition, the types of questions that might come in the exams are discussed in each parts of the lecture.
Students should be also aware about the importance of their attendance in Labs. Labs will teach students how to carry out everything practically to prepare dosage forms, how to deal with chemical substances, glasses and laboratory instruments.

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Pharmacy Department Faculty

Dr. Dalaram S. Ismail

د. دلارام س. اسماعيل

Lecturer Ph.D.
Dr. Salar A. Ahmed

د. سالار عدنان احمد

Asst. Prof Ph.D.
Clinical Biochemistry
Rostam R. Braiem

د. روستم رسول برايم

Lecturer Ph.D
Organic Chemistry
Dr. Srusht J. Huez

د. سروشت جوهر حوێز

Lecturer Ph.D.
Dr. Abdulrahman J.

عبدالرحمن جودت محمد

Lecturer Ph.D.
Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. Rebwar O. Hassan

د. رێبوار عمر حسن

Asst. Prof Ph.D.
Mohammed K. Nasih

محمد قادر ناصح

Lecturer M.Sc.
Information Technology
Mustafa M. Mohammed

مصطفى م. محمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Information Technology
Afaf N. Aboud

عفاف نجم عبود

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Tariq W. Sideeq

طارق ویسی صدیق

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Wurya M. Ibrahim

وریا محمد ابراهیم

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Khorshid K. Khorshid

خورشید کریم خورشید

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Plant Sciences
Hemn K. Qadir

هێمن ک. قادر

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Adult Nursing
Natheer J. Yaseen

نذير جميل ياسين

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Mazin A. Othman

د. مازن عبد الخالق عثمان

Lecturer Ph.D
Physical Chemistry
Karwan S. Najm

أ.م. كاروان سلو نجم

Asst. Prof. M.Sc
Medical Microbiology
Hijran S. Jabbar

أ.م.د. هجران صنعان جبار

Asst. Prof. Ph.D
Analytical Chemistry
Asma A. Haider

د. اسماء عوني حيدر

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc
Fouad F. Ahmed

فؤاد فخرى احمد

Asst. Lecturer M.Sc