Quality Assurance

Mr. Mohammed Nassih

السید محمد ناصح

Quality Assurance  Manager

One of the most important requirements for the success and continuity of universities and institutes that are under the Ministry of Higher Education is the Quality Assurance for all the details of the academic processes and development for academic staff to make sure that these tasks are performed the best way possible.

The Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan is keen to put the regulations and the requirements for curriculums and the related teaching hours, resources and teaching methods. The Ministry also puts the regulations and requirements for the development and assessment of the academic staff by a point system that account for activities such as publications and the participations or presentation of seminars, conferences and workshops.

My job is to follow up with all the above to ensure that such regulations and requirements are properly applied in our institute in order to fulfill the institute’s academic goals and the development of its academic staff.

One of the most important accomplishment this year is the creation of dedicated website for the institute as well as an accompanying email system. The website was developed to provide information about the institute and its activities in three languages; Kurdish, Arabic and English. The website also facilitates the process of making announcements by the institute of managerial or academic nature.

Mr. Mohammed Nassih
Quality Assurance Manager