Assistant Prof. Faisal Daham, Dean of Noble Institute

A Word From The Dean

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to write these few lines about the Noble Technical Institute of the City of Erbil. The institute is characterized of being multi-technical were it consist of nine scientific departments specializing in diverse technical fields:

  1. Pharmacy Department
  2. Drilling Department
  3. Information Technology Department
  4. English Department
  5. Management Department
  6. Accounting Department
  7. Surveying Department
  8. Refining Department
  9. Media Department

The institute covers a wide are of land populated with buildings comprising of several laboratories, yards, gardens as well as several courts for basketball and volleyball, and a cafeteria for students and staff.
Several distinguished scientific activities take place at the institute by conducting seminars and conferences, paying attention to field visits, summer scientific training. The institute also conducts  specialized courses for staff and students aiming to prepare and graduate scientifically and technically capable staff that can serve the community. I would like to highlight and indicate that our institute has a close relationship with the companies from the oil sector and other sectors as well as the governmental establishments and departments related to the practical training for students, where the institute  arranges several field visits considering several scientific fields. 
In terms of finding job opportunities for the institute graduates, I would like to emphasize to everybody that the institute has an ambitions plan to find such job opportunities for graduates in order for them to work in private sector companies as well as different governmental establishments. 

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all who participated in completing this institute website and specially Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Kattan.

Assistant Professor Faisal Daham,
Noble Institute Dean