Website Developer

Being a new staff member of the Noble Institute (2017), I realized the need to design and develop a good website for the institute that shows its different departments, its offerings and its potentials. The website should be also dynamic and allows publishing different activities, announcements and news. Developing such website was indeed a challenging task. It requires knowing what should an academic institutional website contain, the adequate knowledge to structure the contents, and of course the expertise required to develop the website itself. Yet, in spite of the long hours  of extra work and the sheer efforts involved in just collecting the data required for the contents,   I have to admit that the overall process was still joyful. It was also a nostalgic experience for me reminding me of the days when I was just a young programmer working as senior developer for an American company that developed multi-lingual software, or what was called then as “internationalization” (they called it i18n, a short version of the 20 letters word i-nternationalization-n, so i-18-n).

My secondary goal was to create the website with three languages, namely English, Kurdish and Arabic. This is yet another challenging task considering the way text and fonts are formatted in Arabic and Kurdish. Unlike the default English, these languages use Right-To-Left (RTL) scripts making it more difficult to layout contents mixed with formatting codes in English (LTR). Add to that, I had to learn how to type in Kurdish to be able to type in such contents. 

I would like to thank all those who supported me in this work especially the  Dean, Assistant Professor Faisal Daham, who was always keen to encourage me. Also Mr. Tooraj Hassan, the Head of the IT Department, who voluntarily helped in translating many of the required contents from English to Kurdish or vise versa. The website will be of benefit to all the staff and students of the Noble Institute. It will also put the name of our institute on the WWW.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Kattan
December 2017